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Dec 7, 2012 7:00am PST
scrutiny from government regulators over this proposal made by c. l. reed hastings in july. securities and exchange commission's analysis to net flicks and hastings regarding the pose on the account. hastings wrote of facebook that monthly viewing on net flicks had exceeded 1 billion hours in june. the sec is that it says and that is material and best information that that must be disclosed as close a regulatory filing or press release. the company says the information as a material because it already disclosed that subscribe is reviewing about a billion hours of content per month. >> the live cameras are looking gorgeous. this is san jose showing you traffic is nice and light on the 1 01 and there is plenty of sunshine. we will be back. reservoirs' have seen a much needed increase in water level since last weekend storms. the reserves and a clear and prove significantly with the rain fall but levels are not exactly where they need to be. since last wednesday the santa clara with valley water district's as average storage in their tent reservoirs' increased from 74 to 91 percent of whe
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am PST
in the southern philippines were government officials say entire families were washed away. >> as the kron 4 morning news continues a live look from mount tam this thursday morning. low clouds around the bay into some blue sky above. winning the fog to break up around the bay area of big changes for the weather forecast will have more on your weather the latest look at your morning commute. watching wall street as well without the jones amount of time. we will be back with more stores the kron 4 morning news' returns in two minutes. good morning and welcome back 7:28 a.m. is a time. taking a look at our live camera at santos go on and as ave.san francisco. >> dealing with low clouds and locally dense fog this morning as best as sunny afternoon dry and to leaving. because of a low visibility there are delays in arrivals at sfo average of about 48 minutes. if you're headed there you want to tracheck travel times. >> we are here at the approach the bay bridge toll plaza in my last report i imagine solemn the incline. it looks like they may have clear that. i do not think there are any lange obs
Dec 10, 2012 7:00am PST
in a guatemalans detention center where he is fighting a government order that he be returned to belize. police in belize want to question mcafee in the fatal shooting of an american who live in iraq is on the belize. back of the denies involvement in the killing. >> the attorney of southern california terror suspect the questioning of stories handling of his client. soheil 0 mar kabir that interest his face and head when he was turned over to the fbi by u.s. military officials and afghanistan. aaron says it appears the injury occurred during the suspect as by u.s. special forces in kaiul where he was staying with family members. >> president barack obamas will except unlimited sums of corporate money to pay for his inauguration. a spokeswoman for the presidential inaugural committee said it would set- up companies and individuals to underwrite the cost of a weekend festivities surrounding his second inauguration next month. but from lobbyists, political activist committees or foreign donors will not expected. a bomb had banned corporate donors from for his 2009 inauguration for the 2012 democr
Dec 12, 2012 7:00am PST
. ? >> is that an issue? over $1.3 billion in federal government subsidies are going to wal-mart workers. >> 46 million americans are on food stamps. government programs they for that. we are a nation that is getting poor. >> talk about a soda company j.p. morgan is saying will be the worst stock of next year. >> stocks to avoid. we tend to find reasons to like stocks. here's a reason not to like a stock. europe is in shambles there are no longer giving subsidies for energy. the energy market is flooded with capacity to much capacity. prices have to go lower. but for j.p. morgan analyst to say it shows courage. this was a $300 stock back in the bush era days where the united states would subsidize as well as your it would subsidize solar. we are not a point in time where we can afford to do it as a nation or as a world. i am not telling people to go short. i think it takes chords to not like something on wall street. telling a negative story is not easy. >> coming up december 21st the mayan calendar reset some people are saying it is the in of the world. if you are a food company that has friday in you
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am PST
. they paid the government back. >> what did they do with their profit? >> we made almost $23 million. >> the time now is 917 and we want to switch gears and go to our weather. >> there are foggy conditions at the golden gate bridge. we have fault here and especially north of the bridge. visibility is down to zero in san francisco. it is just over a quarter of a mile. this is not everywhere. oakland redwood city are looking good. fairfield going out on 80 is encountering dense fog. you should keep this in mind as you head out the door. the rest of today it will be a chilly morning. most of us will stay dry today a letter on this afternoon we will see some areas of showers are arriving at temperatures will be cooler and not as mild. we will see lybrand developing tonight for north of golden gate bridge. >> temperatures right now are 51 degrees in downtown san francisco, 54 in oakland, may 4th is out in the east. here is a look pitcher satellite radar picture. there is not a lot on in california but we do have this cold front on the golf of alaska. they're bringing then snow. with his s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5